Thursday, August 25, 2011

Interview on BBC Tees - Maternal Request Cesarean 'Ban'

I was interviewed by Ali Brownlee on his Breakfast Show (at 2hr 10min), with a second guest, Dr Michael Dixon, Chairman of NHS Alliance.

In all honesty, I was shocked by some of the answers Dr Dixon provided, and was very concerned that someone
at such a high level should be so ill-informed about the facts surrounding cesarean birth.

I have contacted his office and plan to amicably communicate with him following the BBC Tee's experience because I think that part of the solution to this cesarean debate controversy just has to be politely providing people with links to evidence they may simply not be aware of.

Also talking on the BBC Tee's programme yesterday was Leigh East, of (1hr 40min), and she specifically highlighted the issue of tokophobia, which can sometimes be overlooked and even dismissed during cesarean debates.

Leigh was first quoted in the The Sunday Times article (link to Daily Mail version) last weekend, and you can read her blog about the cesarean ban here

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Just Janice said...

Such a sorry state of affairs that is terribly short-sighted and might even cost the system more money than it saves. If only they'd include the true costs of planned vaginal birth (including the cost of emergency c-section, psychological counselling for PTSD/PND as a result of refusal of maternal autonomy, repair of lacerations, care for birth injured children, additional epidural expense, etc.).... unambiguous misogyny...

Penny wise, pound foolish.