Key Message

Separating the wheat from the chaff

‘The risks and benefits associated with planned cesarean surgery are different to those associated with emergency surgery. Likewise, the risks and benefits with a planned spontaneous vaginal delivery differ from a vaginal delivery that results in forceps, ventouse and/or an emergency cesarean outcome. Greater clarity and transparency in medical and media reporting is essential if we are to help women make a truly informed birth decision.’ aims to:

*Remove the stigma that is often associated with women who choose or need a cesarean
*Emphasize the differences between different types of cesarean surgeries (e.g. emergency versus planned)*Ensure that women get accurate and balanced information about the risks and benefits of BOTH vaginal and cesarean birth plans
*Highlight the often underestimated risks associated with a trial of labor, and how quality screening can help identify risks and inform birth plans*Campaign against ideological maternity policies that prescribe 'normal' vaginal birth for all 'low risk' women*Focus on achieving positive physical and psychological birth outcomes ahead of birth processes as a quality measure
*Work together with other charities, organizations and individuals to save the lives (and quality of lives) of mothers and babies