Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Labor Ward 'Care' I Chose to Avoid

I may have chosen to avoid the unpredictability of Mother Nature and a trial of labor when I planned my cesarean births, but I know that many women are choosing to avoid the unpredictability of care in NHS labor wards too.

These poor families lost their babies, quite unnecessarily, and all because the care they received was utterly atrocious.

And while I try not to blog about my own birth choice too much (since my anecdotal story is not necessarily relevant in the context of wider debate), when I read a stories like these, I find myself thinking, 'I feel so lucky that this, or something even close to this, was not my birth experience.'


Anonymous said...

I feel that you have lost something in your choice to thwart nature and you want to get it back by advocating it for others. Natural birth, gentle birth gives to the mother and child . It is not an inconvenience to be troubled by.
Animals given c-sections reject their offspring . It is now studied that it is necessary for a bond in humans as well. Drugs and doctors and intervention have only a small place in the birth of a child. You could choose all manner of things be it does not make it right or natural. Driving drunk or perhaps using drugs while pregnant perhaps. You should advocate for gentle births and better care not a convenience of modern medicine. I feel sorry for you.

cesarean debate said...

Thank you for your comment. However, I disagree with your views entirely, and there is very strong evidence that human bonding is not adversely affected during a maternal request cesarean birth.

I think that your comparison of choosing a prophylactic cesarean birth and choosing to drive while drinking or use drugs while pregnant is a very strange (and indeed to many women, perhaps even an offensive) one.

I will continue to advocate cesarean birth as a legitimate informed choice within a whole spectrum of birth choices, and indeed as part of my work, I actually do campaign for better care - but for ALL women and ALL choices, and not only those that are ideologically acceptable to advocates of natural birth.