Please visit my main website, electivecesarean.com, for more information on the risks and benefits of a planned cesarean birth, and my campaign work to legitimize and facilitate maternal request.

electivecesarean.com aims to:

*Remove the stigma that is often associated with women who choose or need a cesarean
*Emphasize the differences between different types of cesarean surgeries (e.g. emergency versus planned)*Ensure that women get accurate and balanced information about the risks and benefits of BOTH vaginal and cesarean birth plans
*Highlight the often underestimated risks associated with a trial of labor, and how quality screening can help identify risks and inform birth plans*Campaign against ideological maternity policies that prescribe 'normal' vaginal birth for all 'low risk' women*Focus on achieving positive physical and psychological birth outcomes ahead of birth processes as a quality measure
*Work together with other charities, organizations and individuals to save the lives (and quality of lives) of mothers and babies