Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Health Secretary promise: I'll be guided by science.

Just a week before the story, Jeremy Hunt: I'll be guided by science, appeared on BBC News online, I met with the Health Secretary in his South West Surrey constituency to talk about maternity care issues in this region, and also nationally.
Albeit a very brief meeting, I have been corresponding with Mr. Hunt MP in writing since June 2011, and

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Peeing yourself as a mom - a rite of passage?

In her article, A Vaginal Birth Means Your Baby Isn't the Only One Who'll Need Diapers, author Mary Fischer does something a little different when reporting on recent birth research (showing less pelvic floor muscle strength in women who've had a vaginal birth compared with a cesarean)...

For example, she doesn't deny it's true, and she doesn't tell personal stories of sneezing then peeing herself in the context of eliciting sympathy from or extending empathy to other women. Instead, Fischer almost celebrates incontinence-related pelvic floor damage as something to be taken entirely in your stride - something "actually pretty hilarious".