Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NCT choice focuses on WHERE, not HOW women give birth

This article in The Guardian reports on the latest report from the NCT about women's birth choices. The NCT is upset that women are not being given the choice about where they give birth, although its figures are disputed by the Department of Health in the article.

What concerns me though, is the NCT's focus on the word 'where' rather than 'how.' Surely 'how' a woman gives birth is just as important in terms of her access to choice??

NCT ignores many women
When will women who request cesarean deliveries (and percentage-wise, there are many more of them than there are women who request a homebirth) get the same attention (or even any attention) from the NCT?

Soon I hope, because if it truly believes in choice and access to choice, it cannot continue to ignore the women who make the valid decision to give birth via cesarean delivery.

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