Friday, October 9, 2009

Jennifer Hudson did not find cesarean recovery difficult

Just a few days after writing my blog on the fact that African American women are more likely to have a cesarean with their first baby, I've read that Jennifer Hudson has given birth to her beautiful baby David by emergency cesarean.

Fortunately, she appears to have had a very positive experience, which is great, and while I'm not suggesting for one minute that her description of recovering from surgery is every woman's experience, I feel that it remains worthy of note.

Jennifer was asked: Your son was delivered via C-section, what was your recovery like?

"Everybody told me how much it was going to hurt afterwards but I think I have a different tolerance for pain than others. By that night after I had the baby, I'm like, 'Look, I can’t sit in this bed anymore. I’ve got to get up!’ I’ve been up and about since he was born. To me, the pain is no different than when you work out a muscle you’ve never worked out before and it’s sore."

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