Friday, October 16, 2009

'Mum dies of swine flu after her planned cesarean

The Mirror reported yesterday on the news of a 'Mum killed by swine flu after planned caesarean birth'.

It reports: 'The woman, 21, from Monmouthshire was admitted to hospital in Abergavenny for a planned caesarean but her condition deteriorated after she safely gave birth. She was transferred to intensive care and later to a specialist unit in Leicester where she died last week.

'Another women, 43, from Carmarthenshire, also succumbed to the disease but was said to have underlying health problems. The latest cases bring the number of swine flu-related deaths in Wales to three, although another death is being investigated.'

Infection risk
Infection following surgery is an undisputed risk with a planned cesarean. Other cases of infections have been reported too, such as the risk of contracting MRSA after giving birth in hospital. But the risk exists with both planned surgery and emergency surgery, and since emergency mostly occurs after a trial of labor, it means that post-surgery infection is a risk associated with a planned vaginal delivery too.

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