Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two letters to BMJ editor published today

In response to the publication of a new research paper on the Maternal and fetal risk factors for stillbirth, I wrote two Rapid Responses, and they were published today.

In the first, I ask the researchers whether there is any other data available (in addition to that published) on the gestational ages of the stillbirths that were analyzed in their study, as this information is very useful for women deciding on delivery mode:

Gestational ages at which stillbirths occur and maternal or fetal risk factors observed at term

And in the second, I talk about the caesareans, stillbirth and maternal mortality in Greece and the Netherlands, and question whether the push for 'normal' birth and minimal intervention is the best approach in maternity care:

Reducing mortality is not as simple as low cesarean rate good, high cesarean rate bad

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Anonymous said...


Are you aware that an article on a high-traffic science blog on the cesearean debate features your blog? If you can find the time, I'm sure readers would be interested if you joined them in the comments section.

By the way, I also loathe the "too posh to push" mentality. I'm glad somebody is standing up to it.