Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This is  a very quick post to reassure readers who may have read the story making worldwide headlines yesterday: Caesarean deliveries and formula feeding linked to lifelong diseases: research

Incredibly, and despite the fact that it only involved 24 infants, 6 of whom were delivered by cesarean (and we don't know what type of cesarean), one Canadian paper (The Edmonton Sun) even went as far as to call it "the first large study of its kind in North America."

Thankfully, the NHS choices website has produced an excellent 'Behind the headlines' appraisal of the study: Caesarean birth link to asthma lacks proof.

It concludes, "The study does not provide any evidence that the mode of delivery or feeding pattern was the cause of the bacterial levels measured. Neither does the study provide any evidence that being born by caesarean delivery leads to developing asthma later on in life."

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TAM said...

the study was "large" because previous studies in this area used 15 or fewer infants!!