Monday, August 27, 2012

Mumsnet users angry at maternity guidance

Women posting on Mumsnet have quite rightly got their knickers in a twist after reading Friday's press release on RCOG's (and the RM and NCT) guidance proposing increased rates of 'normal birth' and cesarean rates of 20%.

There are two threads - one in Childbirth and the other in Feminism/ Women's Rights - and here are just few examples of what's being said:

"...I'm utterly appalled by this. It seems to be in direct opposition to what NICE, NHSLA and others are saying. And the trouble with targets is they completely neglect individual care, and create a conflict of interests for doctors & midwifes - and ultimately put woman last."

"You are right about targets. Once you set targets, the target becomes the focus not the woman and baby."

"I think this is one of the most shocking documents I have seen."

"If a male doctor went on TV or radio and said he planned to reduce epidurals he would probably need police protection. But the midwives and NCT get away with it. I think people don't associate these dry boring documents with what is going to happen in practice."

"[I] am almost speechless with anger at the condescension."

"I will certainly write to my MP about this (first time I've ever been moved to do so)."

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