Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School asks parents how child was born - cesarean or vaginal?

Yes - as part of its elementary school application process, Dry Creek School District in California is reported to have asked parents how their child was born.

You can read the story in full at CBSSchool Application Criticized For Birth Questions, but as the reporter says, unfortunately there is no word yet from the school district.

What I'd like to know is this - does the application only differentiate between vaginal and cesarean - or does it separate the birth types into (e.g.) planned versus emergency cesareams, and spontaneous versus assisted vaginal?

I doubt it, given that even many hospital records and birth research papers often fail to do this - but whatever the rights and wrongs may be about this school disctrict's methods of screening pupils, and whatever it is they may or may not be trying to determine by asking this question, its completely pointless if 'cesarean' and 'vaginal' are the only two options for parents to tick.

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