Friday, June 3, 2011

Frederick Leboyer on Natural Birth - A Must Listen

BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour: "The French obstretician, now aged 92, discusses the influence of his landmark 1975 book Birth Without Violence."

This is just a short interview that played on Woman's Hour on 31 May, 2011, and well worth a listen - just prepare for your mouth to drop open wide very early on and probably stay like that way right the way through to the end.

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KA said...

As an ageing husband, Leboyer made me recall that I have often said to people that my ex-wife's two wonderful births had absolutely nothing to dom with me. I could be there, hold her hand, mop her brow, say kindly things ... but I was aware that she was on her own; I was not a part of it. It was therefore refreshing, after all these years, to come across this talk. I loved the interviewer's indignation and incomprehension! My wife's two births (one in hospital, one at home) were so satisfying to her that she wanted a third child simply to experience birth again. I cannot comment on those who, like the interviewer, were accused of being too afraid (etc) - as Leboyer said, men cannot understand – but I know from this outside experience that natural birth can be the amazing thing this man talks about. The medicalised version sounds horrific.