Saturday, May 7, 2011

Moms who planned C-sections report high satisfaction, study says

I have just posted the following comment on this article, "Moms who planned C-sections report high satisfaction, study says" in the The Baltimore Sun (dated May 8, 2011), which begins: "Research adds a new perspective to complex view of Cesareans...".

Firstly, thank you to Meredith Cohn for being one of the first journalists to cover this
new research. There is actually a growing number of studies demonstrating very positive outcomes (for babies and mothers) with planned cesarean birth, but unfortunately, it is often negative cesarean news that receives the widest coverage.

This U.S. research is in fact the latest in a series of studies that have shown the same result with planned cesareans (and more specifically, maternal request cesareans). And that is:- these mothers report a greater level of satisfaction and psychological wellbeing than mothers who planned a vaginal birth.

(This is in fact the research that I referred to in my letter to the British Medical Journal, which was published in its weekly magazine in April, 2011)

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