Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's be honest about childbirth

This article in The Guardian on Saturday is a must-read for any pregnant women, and I don't say that because I want to scare women into choosing a cesarean birth (before I'm accused of doing just that). I say it because I truly believe that women are not being properly informed about the potential risks involved with a trial of labor; rather, their heads are filled with the evils that await them if they end up with a cesarean.

Certainly, there are planned vaginal births that result in positive outcomes - a healthy baby and a happy, healthy mother - but there are also those that end like this one. That's Mother Nature for you. In case you missed reading it at the weekend, Emily Woof's description of her traumatic birth - 'Let's be honest about childbirth' - dares to reveal what every pregnant woman deserves to know.

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