Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I had a c-section - does that make me less of a mother?

Of course not, but I came across this article yesterday, and while I don't agree with everything the writer says, I just felt that I wanted to draw attention to one particular paragraph. The poetry of it really touched a nerve for me - the nice, tingly kind:

"I had surgery. I had an epidural. I had stitches and pain medication for weeks afterward. Does that make my birth experience unnatural? Does it make me less of a woman or a mother? What do people get out of vaginal birth that I didn't experience? I had a baby, I saw her face and nearly broke from the love of it."

Amy's description of how she felt about her baby completely encapsulates how I felt when presented with my children for the first time. The happiest births are the healthiest ones, and I have never regretted for one minute that mine were surgical.

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