Monday, December 3, 2012

Filmmaker asks, 'Can anyone argue with this?'

This evening, I came across the article, Freedom for Birth - Can Anyone Argue Against Respecting Women's Rights in Childbirth?, written by "filmmaker turned birth warrior" Toni Harman.
This was my response:

"I have not watched the film in full, but I have watched the trailer and associated video clips on the One World Birth website, and I think one of the problems is its emphasis on just one end of the spectrum of birth choices - that is, home birth and birth with minimal medical intervention.

My personal birth choice was a planned cesarean, and I was lucky in that I found a supportive obstetrician. Too many other women are not as lucky, and either have to fight to have their birth plan preference respected and supported or are forced to have a trial of labor against their will.

Hopefully a future film will include the voices and rights of these women too because, as it stands, I'm afraid it represents a rather limited call for 'all' birth choices."

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SinaMaria1982 said...

You are right Pauline,

the film says birth rights are human rights.

And that goes for every type of birth a woman wants to choose: Homebirth,birth in a birthing centre, hospital or planned cesarean.

Birth belongs to women.
Maybe a future film will include planned cesarean too and shows how the rights of theese women are mistreated too.

This film is awsome. I bought it and watched it. A must see for every woman.

Best wishes Sina Fehr