Thursday, November 1, 2012

'Stillborn' baby actually died after being born alive

I have just added a comment to this horrendous story of the suffering and pain parents Emma and Terry Charlton have had to endure.

According to reporter Nazia Parveen, "Ava Mae Charlton was born by emergency caesarean section but she struggled to breathe and died after only 32 minutes. Hospital officials tried to claim the baby was stillborn and so her death did not need to be investigated."

My comment:

Re: "She had previously had an MRI scan which showed she had a ‘borderline pelvis’ making a natural delivery risky. But Mrs Charlton was not told of this risk and was not given the option of a caesarean section."

The issue here is that hospitals - guided by ideological recommendations and arbitrary (as opposed to evidence-based) targets to reduce caesarean rates - are pushing NORMAL birth at all costs.
Story after story we hear about caesareans not carried out on time, risks of a trial of labour not properly explained or recognised by staff, and mothers and babies dying or suffering as a direct result.

One of the main reasons maternity care can be so much better in the private sector is because women there tend to have better - individualised - consultations based on their personal risk factors, and their choices are respected. In the NHS, a natural/normal birth is often seen as the main goal - regardless of an individual woman's preferences or risk factors. This needs to change.

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Gary Ardill said...

This is not the first time when hospital's management have tried to save the staff by telling a lie. Persons involved in this matter should be punished.

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