Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Latest news from Portland hospital makes interesting reading

The statistic most likely to hit the headlines soon is this London private hospital's c-section rate - 53%.

I don't know the elective/emergency breakdown yet, and will endeavor to find out, but given that the rate of emergency cesareans in public hospitals is around 15%, it's very likely that the elective number is very high.

The other interesting statistic is The Portland's 89% normal delivery (standard vaginal delivery) rate.

This is only for second time or subsequent mothers, and I'm not sure why this Private Maternity News report doesn't mention the first-time mothers rate too, but on the face of it, it looks as though this hospital, with its 2,230+ deliveries in 2011, deserves credit for striving to provide mothers with their preferred birth outcomes.

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Anonymous said...

The 89% normal vaginal delivery rate was achieved by the 6 midwives of the 'Midwifery Led Delivery Service' in 2011. We care for established Mother's who have birthed vaginally before. We care for them throughout their pregnancy, labour, delivery and postnatally. We are very proud of our holistic care. Kind regards, via Twitter: @MidwifeStella