Sunday, October 30, 2011

Media reports on NICE guideline ahead of publication

The Sunday Times' front page today reads "All women get right to caesareans" - a story that's been followed up by many other newspapers, radio and television news* programmes.

And athough I was surprised to read the article ahead of the NICE final publication date, I have not been surprised by some of the negative reactions to the news.

Unfortunately, many of the comments being made highlight the desperate need for education about planned cesarean births, and particularly those on maternal request, but even so, it is absolutely incredible to think that as of November 2011, cesarean autonomy may finally be a reality for all women, and not just those who are lucky enough to meet with a supportive obstetrician or live in an area with a supportive hospital.

*I was interviewed live on Sky News at lunchtime today and am scheduled to talk on BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning.


Mrs. W. said...

Congratulations - in time the relative risks will be well known and the choice will enable women to best meet their needs.

Anonymous said...

Good work!

Was disappointed at comments of viewers read out.

That midwife was particularly witchy, and my jaw dropped when she uttered words about c-section being a 'failure' of your body. I wonder what THAT message sends out to women... Hmm.