Friday, January 16, 2009

Cesarean section rate growing in Czech Republic

The Prague Daily Monitor has reported that that in "2007, 114,632 children were born in the Czech Republic with one-fifth of them being born by cesarean section... According to the Institute of Medical Information and Statistics (UZIS), 22,428 women gave birth to their babies via cesarean section in 2007, which is 1.4 percent more than in 2006."

Interestlingly, the report state that according "to medical statistics, some doctors perform cesarean section at women's requests or when they need to ensure successful delivery, but some specialists disagree with the practice."

Other 2007 statistics cited
With 1.44 children per woman being born, this is a record high since 1993.
Women's average age at delivery has increased by 0.2% to 27.1 years at first delivery and 29.1 years in general.

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