Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Study finds SUI is twice as common with PVD

This new study from Brazil is the latest in a long line of studies to show that stress urinary incontinence is more common following a vaginal delivery than it is following a cesarean delivery.

This particular study by Herrman et al assessed women's health three years after they gave birth, and found that: "Women that were asymptomatic during pregnancy and had vaginal delivery developed SUI 2.4 times more frequently than after c-section (19.2% and 8.0%, respectively)."

Difference may be greater if comparing PVD with PCD alone
I have listed other studies on my website that demonstrate a greater prevalence following emergency cesarean delivery when compared with planned cesarean delivery, so although this Brazilian study reported an 8% prevalence with cesarean delivery, it is worth remembering that the study did not separate the two types of surgery. Therefore, the difference between vaginal delivery SUI prevalence and planned cesarean delivery SUI prevalence was likely more than 2.4 times in this group of 120 women.

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