Sunday, August 21, 2011

New study on how to reduce post-cesarean infection

U.S. researchers claim to have found a way to reduce the likelihood of women having complications such as endometritis and wound infections after cesarean surgery.
reported study from the University of Pennsylvania used a "preoperative skin prep protocol that combines a 3-minute povidone iodine scrub with povidone iodine paint", and it was discovered that this application is better for preventing wound infections than povidone iodine paint alone.

The study only relates to infections that are diagnosed during the "initial hospital admission or a readmission during the first 30 postoperative days and not infections diagnosed at an outpatient clinic, emergency room, or other hospital", but even so, if this protocol could improve women's health outcomes, it's will be interesting to see whether it is implemented in hospitals beyond this particular study's reach.

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