Monday, October 12, 2009

RCM says: 'the most important thing is for women to be able to choose'

As it happens, Cathy Warwick, General Secretary of the Royal College of Midwives was talking more about homebirths in this BBC News article back on July 29th, but the language she uses could so easily have been taken from the Coalition for Childbirth Autonomy website.

Warwick concludes that, 'The bottom line here is that what women want is to be able to make a real choice, for the health service to offer them that choice, and for that choice to be based on having all the information needed to make an informed decision.'

Equality of choice
What I'd like to see now is more midwives from the Royal College of Midwives listening to and respecting the informed decision of some women to choose elective cesarean delivery as their preferred birth plan - in the same way that they listen to and respect women's decisions to homebirth.

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