Monday, October 12, 2009

Czech doctor: 'Vaginal delivery will disappear in evolution'

In this 18th May news article in the Prague Daily Monitor (Respekt: Cesarean section rate rising unnecessarily), Ales Roztocil, head doctor of the obstetrical ward in the Jihlava Hospital, south Moravia is reported to have told the political weekly Respekt, that: 'In my opinion, a vaginal delivery will disappear in evolution.'

For the record, this is not an opinion I share, but I thought it was interesting to record some of the views and opinions on cesarean delivery coming out of the Czech Republic, where cesarean rates are '20% on average'.

Irrational thinking is needed for natural birth

Another doctor, Helena Maslova, expressed her concerns about the increased involvement of medical technology during the birth process, coupled with issues related to women's own behaviour. She believes, ''Women have lost the ability of instinctive behaviour since they have been raised to suppress it and behave rationally for the whole life. Yet during a child delivery the irrational side must be used, which is almost impossible for many women' ...adding it was the result of the obstetrics' technical development since the 1960s.'

Wealthy women
Dr Roztocil also reveals that 'among those who demand a caesarean section unnecessarily are often well-off women, businesswomen and wives of businessmen living in cities.'

Maternal request is against the law

Interestingly, the report notes: 'Under the Czech law, a Caesarean must not be performed without medical reasons. Yet it can apparently be arranged with an obstetrician. According to Internet discussions, such women pay a couple of thousands of crowns unofficially for such 'service''.

Clearly concerned about this law, Dr Roztocil says that the 'introduction of the possibility of Caesarean at request or rather on the basis of psychological indications would prevent medical hypocrisy and frauds'.

I would add that it might also prevent a situation in which only women for whom a maternal request cesarean is financially viable are able to enjoy the birth outcome of their choice.

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