Friday, March 8, 2013

Are women who choose a cesarean LAZY?

Yesterday, Australian radio presenter Jason Morrison hosted a discussion on whether women who choose a cesarean are 'too posh to push'.

His co-host, pregnant and planning a natural birth in a few weeks' time, agrees with some of her friends - that women who choose a cesarean are 'lazy'.

But what I find most interesting about the discussion is this: Jason is very understanding and balanced on the subject - largely because his own wife had a cesarean birth.
I've always said that what will help discussions on this issue is when the journalists and presenters talking or writing about cesareans have some personal experience of women who choose cesareans - and know that their reasons for doing have nothing to do with being posh.

Now this clip is only a few minutes long, but try and imagine how very different it might have sounded had the presenter's wife given birth naurally, and had the same feelings about cesarean birth as his co-host...

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Anonymous said...

In my experience the same people who think having a c-section is "lazy" will also go on, beforehand, about how you must avoid one at all costs because of the long painful recovery that could prevent bonding with baby, nursing, etc. So it's the worst thing ever, and I'm lazy for doing it?