Sunday, November 11, 2012

The best and worst places to give birth

In the midst of her recent article on, The best and worst places to give birth, Lisa Selin Davis -  who's personal preference, influenced in part by her own mother's experiences, is natural birth - states that, "infant mortality rates from voluntary C-sections are higher than they are for vaginal births". To which I posted the following comment:A couple of things.
1) Infant mortality is not the appropriate comparison for mode of birth. Perinatal mortality is more relevant.

2) There is little point comparing birth outcomes alone - you need to compare birth plans (CD and VD) and ALL of their eventual outcomes (remembering that some planned VDs result in emergency interventions - with associated risks).

3) Studies show that voluntary, planned c-sections can have better health outcomes for both mothers and babies - when compared with planned VDs.

I'd suggest that the best places in the world for women to give birth are places where birth choices are respected and discussed without bias or ideology of how a woman 'should' give birth. Good physical and psychological outcomes for individuals are what matter most, and different women will make different choices about the birth plans available.

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