Saturday, September 1, 2012

Media response to news of guidance for CCGs

Aug 25, The Skeptical OB: New document on British maternity services is fundamentally unethical, Dr. Amy Tuteur
Aug 28, BF without BS: If this is cost-cutting, just be honest, please

Aug 30, The Sun: Grin ‘n bear it, Plan to cut childbirth pain relief and caesareans, Emma Little and Martyn HalleAug 31, Daily Mail: Doctors told to try and talk women giving birth out of having epidurals to save NHS money (as they cost £200 a pop), Sophie Borland

Politicians in the UK may wish to take note of the Comments sections beneath these news articles, and those of the ongoing Mumsnet posts - look at the best rated and look at the worst rated.

Read the examples of women's birth experiences and understand that pushing us all towards 'normal birth' in midwife-led units may be what the NCT and the RCM want for women, but it is not what most women want for themselves. Yes, let there be choice, but don't make the choice for us.

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