Thursday, April 12, 2012 reviews our book

Read what they say below (or click here for more info):

"Choosing Cesarean: A Natural Birth Plan gives an honest assessment of the risks and benefits of both vaginal and cesarean births.  The book is one of the first to support elective cesarean as an important option for women, citing circumstances when planned cesarean is a healthier and even more economical option than vaginal delivery.  The authors present evidence disproving much of the accepted thought on vaginal and cesarean delivery, giving us all something to think about.

"Most of the information available until now has been in support of a vaginal delivery, with cesarean as a last option.  Therefore, when the mother is unable to deliver vaginally, she can become disappointed, feeling less adequate than a woman who delivers vaginally.  In Choosing Cesarean, the authors give evidence proving that elective cesareans can have much more desirable outcomes, and should not be considered a last resort, but rather a suitable option to prevent complications of all kinds.

"It is worth mentioning that the authors are not against vaginal births, but rather present factual evidence to support the medically acceptable option of a scheduled cesarean delivery.  When weighing all of the options for delivery, this is an important, often overlooked method.  Any woman making a birth plan should add this book to her reading list, while healthcare professionals and policy makers would also benefit from the information presented in this book."

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