Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Interview on BBC Breakfast Television

I was interviewed this morning on BBC Breakfast television, and for a short while at least, a shortened version of the discussion can be viewed here.
Sian Williams and Bill Turnball interviewed me and made the whole experience a very enjoyable one.

I must also thank
 the make-up lady - having ran to and arrived at the studio barely four minutes before I was due to appear on the sofa (for which I can thank the wonderful M3 and M4 Monday motorway traffic), she provided an oasis of calm before I was taken on set.

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Mrs. W. said...

Well done Pauline - the other woman was a true 'ideologue' throwing out everything from 'this is what our bodies were made to do' to 'we got here, so birth can't be so bad.'.

I'm hoping the hard fought balance you've sought to achieve on the birth front is strengthened as the new guidelines take effect.