Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Midwives worth their weight in gold

Every now and then, I meet or read comments by a midwife who is completely and utterly supportive of women who request cesareans, who understands and respects their motivations, and who is willing to speak up about the very real risks associated with a vaginal birth. This is what one midwife wrote on one Australian blog
"I have worked as a midwife, and now in general practice.
I have been quietly more and more concerned as I near my retirement, at these discussions.
I do Pap smears as part of my work now.
I see increasingly women, young to old, who have such damage to their pelvic floor that they wear pads constantly because they are incontinent of urine and faeces.
We push 'natural, when women are having bigger babies than ever before, and women are taller than ever before, both of which contribute to obstructed labour, and the heroics to deliver vaginally, which leaves huge, long acting damage.
I am ashamed to be 'midwife' who focuses on the 6 days of the life continuum, and believe that we are right.
I believe we have a duty to support women to have the birth of their choice.
I also believe we are trained to also protect them and their babies from damage.
The social pressure to have vaginal birth is immense. It is not CS vs vaginal birth, it is holistic care. If I encourage this woman to deliver this woman of her 4kg baby with intact peri, I am proud. Never mind that she has major surgery every 15 years to repair undetected prolapsed and anal sphincter damage.
Please can we look at the whole?"

Read more comments at: January 23, 2013 The rise of Caesarean births in Australia by Sarah Vogel

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thankyou for your blog! I had a vaginal birth with my first child - forceps, episiotomy and third degree tear... I healed well, however now have an anal prolapse and infrequent fecal incontinence... Not fun.

So, I am pregnant and looking at birth for baby 2 - I have asked many people, and the Obs and GPs are encouraging a ceasarian to avoid further damage which may lead to an increase in incontinence. However - then I have everyone 'not medical' suggesting I NEED to give a 'natural' birth a try and not to be fooled.

You're site is the first to suggest it is OKAY to be highly concerned about not being able to control my bowel function and doesn't put me down as a bad mother - less natural or choosing me over my baby!

Thank-you for assisting my sanity!