Friday, May 10, 2013

Intervention in childbirth: What’s wrong with letting women choose?

On Tuesday 11th June, Bournemouth University is hosting a DEBATE with free entry, which promises to be interesting.

Intervention in childbirth: What’s wrong with letting women choose? is scheduled to take place between 10am and 12.30pm, and the organisers have told me that a summary will be published afterwards.
Details are as follows:
The publication of the National Institute of Health & Clinical Effectiveness guidelines on caesarean section (Nov 2011) sparked a media frenzy with newspapers reporting that women could now choose ‘caesarean section on demand’. While opportunity for greater choice is welcomed by some consumer groups, others have expressed concern about the rising rate of intervention in childbirth. This session will debate the pros and cons of allowing women free choice with regard to major medical interventions, such as caesarean section. Attendees will have the opportunity to vote for or against the motion.
Convened by Vanora Hundley and Edwin van Teijlingen

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