Monday, January 16, 2012

Why are people so quick to judge and vilify obstetricians?

It's an issue I could write more about if time allowed, but in Viv Groskop's article, Welcome to modern motherhood, Beyoncé..., I've just posted the following comment:

Why are so many commentators so quick to judge and vilify obstetricians, the absolute majority of whom should be applauded for the amazing work they do, while simultaneously placing midwives on a pedestal when it comes the antenatal advice they give to women? Do we really, as a society, distrust our doctors SO much?

It’s also worth remembering that celebrities are all individual women with their own perception of birth risks and benefits - so regardless of what advice their money can buy, they may also have their own personal preference for one birth plan over another, and this would be exactly the same even if they weren’t famous.
[Viv Groskop wrote: "If you seek out the best advice money can buy, you are unlikely to find someone who will say, "If there are no complications, why not start out with the usual exit and see how you get on? No charge for this consultation, by the way. It's just common sense." Having sought the counsel of the best-qualified private obstetricians in the land – as opposed to your average, practically minded midwife with little interest in furnishing hotel suites with Cristal on tap – it's hardly surprising these women make the choices they do."]

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