Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New study finds no allergy risk for cesarean born babies

A Norwegian study involving more than 500 children has found no increased prevalence of childhood allergies in babies born via cesarean delivery. Bente Kvenshagen et al begin by stating the theory that is most often expressed by researchers who believe there is such a link: That cesarean born babies "do not get the same contact with their mother's gut flora as babies delivered vaginally. Theoretically, lack of exposure to maternal vaginal and perineal bacteria might change the gut flora, with secondary changes in the immune system."

However, of 512 children at the age of two (171 delivered by cesarean and 341 born vaginally), those reported to have symptoms consistent with possible food allergy were examined at the outpatient clinic, and there "was no over representation of children born by caesarean section."

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